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We invite you to learn about us and our program as you view this website. We would enjoy meeting you personally and invite you to join us for worship, for study or for the various fellowship opportunities we sponsor. It would be our privilege to have you connect with us and grow with us in faith in Jesus Christ, our Savior from sin and death. If you are new to Bethlehem, you might wish to start on this page.

Lent Schedule

Off to Tijuana, Mexico

The recent Trivia Night provided financial support for 40+ people who will spend their Spring Break in Mexico building a house, leading craft activities and helping with sewing projects. The workers were commissioned on March 15. They will have good stories to share upon their return.

Mexico team


It Ends with Easter—or does it Begin?

Pastor JeffDuring this Lenten season we are listening to Jesus’ parables on Sunday mornings and considering His “I AM” statements during our mid-week services. When you think about it, these series reflect our living as Christians. In these “I AM” statements of Jesus, we under-stand clearly Who He is and how we can relate to Him: He lightens our dark nights, He nurtures us, He leads us. However, the parables are less clear. Scholars still debate Jesus’ point in some of the sto-ries He tells—what is the Parable of the Unjust Steward about any-way? There seem to be times and places in our faith walks that we feel pretty clear about where the Lord is leading. Then, there are those other times and places where we don’t have a clue.
During those times, we find comfort in knowing Jesus. Know-ing that He loves us in, with and through these difficult and uncertain times gives us the hope we need to take the next step in our jour-neys. How many times have you told someone, “Sometimes all you have is faith—and that is enough.” What makes faith enough? Read more . . .