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Ascension Day falls forty days after Easter. Scripture tells us that after His resurrection, Jesus spent forty days assuring His disciples He was raised from the dead and teaching them. Wouldn’t you have wanted to have been in that house in Emmaus when Jesus opened to those disciples the Scriptures in light of His resurrection? This year, Ascension Day is May 5—which is, coincidentally, also the National Day of Prayer.

I wonder if Ascension Day is no longer celebrated so much because we’ve forgotten what it means. It’s the day Jesus left. Why would we cele-brate the fact that He’s no longer here? Like I said, we’ve forgotten what His ascension means.

Jesus’ ascension means that His mission to serve as our Substitute on the cross and in the tomb is done. It means that His mission is no longer located in one place—He’s not gone; He’s gone global. Where He formerly let His divine nature’s attributes serve His human nature, He now fully uses those attributes. In fact, His human nature now serves His divine nature—so that since Jesus is present everywhere, He’s present everywhere also according to His human nature. That’s what I mean when I say, He’s not gone—He’s gone global, even universal.

That’s why there’s irony to it being the National Day of Prayer. Prayer is talking with Jesus. He is where you are. His presence with us is the foundation of the Lord’s Supper. In, with and under that bread and wine, Jesus is where you are. With you. That’s a good reason for a pageant. That’s a good reason for a national holiday. That’s a good reason to celebrate and live confidently each day: Jesus is where you are.

Joy in your journey,
Pastor Jeff Shearier