worship 2013

why worship

As Christians, we understand that our relationship to God in Christ embraces all of our lives. Our Sunday worship is a public and shared expression of the faith and conviction that lies at the center of our existence. When we were baptized into the Christian faith, we were baptized into a community, a family, and a body of believers.

By faith we know that in worship God is meeting us with His gifts of forgiveness and eternal life through His written Word, the spoken Word, and in the Word made flesh in Jesus Christ our Savior. God wants His "family" to worship – receiving His gifts, sharing the faith together to encourage one another and witnessing to the great things God has done for us. Therefore, worship is a vital response to God’s great gift to us in Christ Jesus.

When worship

We follow the example of the early Christians in setting aside the 1st day of the week, Sunday, as a day for worship. Easter celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus from the grave, and it happened on Sunday. Our Sunday worship offers two worship services:

Time Style Description
8:30 am
Traditional Hymns accompanied by organ and sung from the hymnal. Liturgy from the hymnal. Choir participation. Pastor is vested.
11:00 am


"Morning Song"

Hymns accompanied by praise band and projected on front wall. No vestments. Kid's talk.

In the seasons of Advent and Lent, there are special worship services. Normally these are scheduled on Wednesdays at 10:30 am and 7:00 pm. Check the newsletter for special reminders and for other services at Christmas and during Holy Week.

where worship

Normally, worship happens in the church sanctuary (pictured above). There are visual reminders of God's presence, the Sacraments, and special times in the church year.