New Discipleship Class


WHERE:  BLC Community Center

WHEN:  September 1, 15, 22, 29, and October 6    9:45 am – 10:45 am

Leaders: Brad Loseke and Wayne Moses

Classroom Format:  Video, group table discussion, deep dive Scriptural study, and presentation by leaders

What to bring to class:    Bible, notepad if you wish, questions regarding anything you wanted to know about our natural consequence of sin which is death. 

Expected Outcome:   Participants will be able to…

  • Learn what Scripture says regarding the origins of what we all will one day encounter, God’s  eternal loving promise in dealing with this dilemma of the human condition, and to be confident in the knowledge of our salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ
  • Know how Christianity differs from all other world religions in regard to death and what happens after death
  • Know how to prepare today for one’s own death and the death of friends or family
  • Know the process and importance of grief and mourning and how to work through the process
  • Know how to address friends and family who have recently lost a loved one
  • And much more…….                                   

Guest Speaker on October 6:   Pastor Bruce Rumsch of Trinity-Hillsboro, Retired LC-MS pastor, U.S. Navy Chaplain, and Stephen Ministry trainer.

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