VBS at Bethlehem

Thank you for being part of our first ever online VBS! Our VBS will primarily be in your home and at Bethlehem’s youtube page: https://tinyurl.com/bethlehemyoutube In times when fear seems all around us- our God still says “Fear Not!”  We can trust in Jesus to take care of our fears – He stopped a storm while napping on a boat, and sailed right out of the tomb, so He can take care of us!

We invite you to watch our VBS each day Monday, August 17th through Friday, August 21st beginning at 9:00am.  The videos will be available anytime after that, this is just the time we have set aside for everyone to watch together, if possible.  Have your kids watch it on the biggest screen you can find!  Make a big deal about it!  The more you’re enthused, the more your kids will be too!  There is a 15-minute Bedtime Bible Story that will fit with the theme for the day with a link emailed to you as well. You may check that out each night too! Friday if all goes well we will do a zoom check in celebration!

Day 1 – When we’re afraid to take the first step: FEAR NOT!

Day 2 – Prayer & Worship help us to: FEAR NOT!

Day 3 – God has made us His children: FEAR NOT!

Day 4 – Jesus walks with us through storms: FEAR NOT!

Day 5 – Suit up! God has given us His armor: FEAR NOT!

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