Day 4 – Jesus walks with us through storms: FEAR NOT!

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Day 4:

 Verse of the day:

You will only need to remain calm. The Lord will fight for you.  Exodus 14:14

Phrase of the day

Jesus walks with us through storms:  Fear Not!

Questions of the day:

  • When have you been in a scary storm or an earthquake?  What helped you to get through it and fear not?
  • What’s the craziest thing you’ve slept through?  That’s what Jesus did in one of today’s stories!
  • Would you rather have Jesus walk you through a storm or stop the storm from happening? Why?
  • What storms are you facing in your life?  Ask for prayer for Jesus to calm you as walk through the storm together or ask God to stop the storm!

Activity:  Put on your raingear, boots, grab an umbrella, and make a storm!  Parents you get to hose down the kids or turn on the sprinkler!  Have fun!!!

Bedtime Bible story is: Jesus calming the storm!:

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