Lent 2021

Join us for Lent!

What is “Lent”?

Lent is a season of the Church Year that lasts six weeks. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and ends the day before Easter Sunday. During these six weeks we look forward to Good Friday, the day our Lord died on the cross to pay for our sins, and to Easter Sunday, the day He rose from the dead to prove it!

Why do we celebrate Lent for 40 days?

Lent is a time when we are reminded of what Jesus gave up for us, and a time when we look forward to and prepare for His death and resurrection! During these 40 days, we remember God’s faithfulness to His people and how His faithfulness is complete in Jesus, our Savior. Jesus remains faithful to us, always.

How to Participate in Ash Wednesday Services from Home

If you would like a packet of ashes—and a cleaning wipe—to participate in our Ash Wednesday services from home, please call or email the church office.  You can also pick up a packet during office hours.  Ash Wednesday is February 17.  The services will be live-streamed at www.tinyurl.com/blcnow

Mid-Week Lenten Worship Services

Every Wednesday from February 17th (Ash Wednesday) to March 24th we will have services at 10:30 am and 6:30 pm. After Ash Wednesday, only the 10:30 am service will be live streamed as the services will be identical in form. You can watch the service video live at 10:30 am or any time after the service concludes.

Mid-Week Communion During Lent

Beginning on Ash Wednesday, February 17, we will celebrate Holy Communion in the 10:30am worship service and then following the service from noon until 4:30pm there will be opportunities for individual communion.  Wednesday evenings, we will celebrate Holy Communion in the 6:30pm worship service and then following the service until 9pm.  We will discontinue the Thursday afternoon communion times during Lent—except on Maundy Thursday.

Participate in Daily Lenten Devotionals

We don’t get to see one another regularly, with some gathering in-person and some online.  Here’s a way we can see and hear one another. We’re gathering interested folks who’d like to offer a devotional thought on something Jesus said—the “red letters” in your Bible—or offer another devotional thought. For more information, please email Eric at youthandchildren@blcfamily.org  There is still the chance to contribute!

Lutheran Hour Lenten Devotional

Click here to access the Lutheran Hour Lenten Devotional.

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