Shepherds in the field with their flock and the sun rising over distant mountains and the words "Discipleship Team".

Purpose: To help people become more fully committed and better equipped to follow Christ and share our faith according to the resources and gifts He has given to us.Discipleship Team

The three principles of discipleship training are: Information-learning about something, application-what does this mean in my life, and Implementation-putting it into practice.

Vision: equip participants with tools to serve others, grow in personal faith and connect with others.

We meet to plan Bible studies to meet the above mission, purposes and principles.

Each class is designed to provide information and encouragement to share with others and to make it part of their lives.

This includes all Bible studies that we plan and that occur within the church.

We are always looking for more members to add to the committee.

Email us here if you are interested in joining.

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