Bethlehem Preschool

A child holds up two hands after painting with many colors and smiling and the Bethlehem Lutheran Preschool logo.

The Mission of Bethlehem Lutheran Church and Preschool is: Building the family of God through relationship with Jesus Christ.

At BLP Your Child Is Family

  • BLP provides your child with a solid and sound readinessfor entering the rigorous full day kindergarten that lies ahead.
  • In addition, our teachers provide an environment that leads your child to a closer relationship with Jesus.
  • Parents are a HUGE part of what make your child’s preschool experience successful.  Hand in hand with you, we provide the best for your child’s needs.
  • PLAY! There is a lot of time for play and singing and moving here at BLP!

Click here to go to Bethlehem Preschool’s website.

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