Important Dates

Sept 29   Campaign Kick-Off Sunday

Oct 1       Second mailing sent to members which includes more news about the campaign and Spiritual Renewal Preparation

Oct 6      Weekly Sermons, Bible Studies and Spiritual Growth Testimonies begin

               All members begin their Spiritual Renewal time to examine and build up their spiritual life

                Member Contact/Home Gathering Hosts pick up their member invitation packets

Oct 15     Third Newsletter is mailed which gives details about the Home Gathering meetings, previews the video

Oct 18 Members receive and begin to respond to Home Gathering meeting invitations

Oct 19        Prayer Vigil

Oct 20       Spiritual Commitment Sunday

       We come together to celebrate the end of the Spiritual Renewal Phase of the campaign and joyfully bring our spiritual pledges

Oct 20       Home Gathering meetings in members’ homes begin

Nov 10     Pledge Event

      We come together to celebrate the end of the Stewardship Phase of the campaign and joyfully bring our stewardship pledges

Nov 11       Commitment Team begins to reach out to all members who still need to respond with a pledge of financial or prayer support for the campaign

Nov. 24        Celebration Sunday

      The pledge total is announced during worship services and we offer thanks to God for his abundant blessings to us

Nov. 30       Fourth Newsletter is mailed which includes information on the follow-up plan for the campaign and how we will track our gifts

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