March 18, 2020- “Facing Our Fears”

Audio of Readings and Message from 3.18.20

Readings for March 18th- PDF

Worship Songs

3 Comments on “March 18, 2020- “Facing Our Fears”

  1. Thank you. The sermon is very nicely presented. I like the format of the readings and the songs with the Semon.

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  2. Thank you God for being trustworthy in a time when we don’t know who to trust. Thank you for being there for us and looking out for us.

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  3. Great message, thank you for getting this in place for us. Only trouble I had was with volume. Had it cranked up all the way on my tablet but still missed a few words. Any chance it could be a bit louder on your end to begin with? Respectfully, Nan


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