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The Unstoppable Gospel

Easter’s news could not be stopped. Period.

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Cross Shaped Lives

The Church Year reminds us that we Christians are different.  We might be tempted to forget that, from time to time.  Following the crowd does seem attractive.  They seem to know where they are going.  But…remember bell-bottom jeans, pet rocks…

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He Meets Us

I actually learned this in El Paso. Organists do not simply practice. They worship. Each time they sit on that organ bench, it is a devotional time for them. In Saint Louis, the organist saw me coming—the way the balcony…

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We Are on the Move

“Growl, growl; we’re on the prowl.” I thought I was pretty witty coming up with that cheer.  My daughters were playing volleyball for what was then called Lutheran High of the Rockies in Parker, Colorado. They were the Lady Lions—ironic,…

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Changed By Jesus

Has anyone ever said to you, “I can read your face like a book?” If so, you probably should refrain from playing cards.  They generally mean that whatever is in your heart or on your mind is apparent on your…

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