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God Has a Plan

BY JEFF SHEARIER Imagine the prophet Habakkuk, watching change happening right before his eyes.  He can see the campfires of the approaching Babylonian army on the hillsides around Jerusalem.  He chooses to have a word or two with God. His…

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Here Comes 2023

BY JEFF SHEARIER Eric Oswald explained it to me.  I had noticed these grey, green and amber colored boxes on my Facebook friends pages in the morning, but I had no idea what WORDLE was.  So, of course, I asked…

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People Who Need a Savior

I think that I was in the fifth grade. In our family, Halloween had been a big deal.  We had certain costumes that you “grew into.”  A person had to be Frankenstein until either my older brother got tired of…

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Seeing Clearly

The eye doctor tells me I have cataracts in both eyes. It tells you what I know about such things that I thought cataracts were like rapids in a river.  The Nile River, for example, in Africa has rapids that…

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Take Courage

We are on the move, pushing against those gates—each one forgiven, each one hoping, each one confessing in Jesus’ name—and Hades doesn’t win.  Jesus already has!

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