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Rebuilding the Infrastructure

One of the four goals of our mission focus that developed out of congregational self-study last year—and was celebrated during our 60th Anniversary service—was to re-build our congregational “infrastructure”. We want to rebuild our network of small groups.

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Not By Might

They thought everything depended on them and they were weary, overwhelmed and exhausted.

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Continuing to Build

A few years ago, we hosted Dr. Brandt from Concordia University to lead us in some planning and he reminded us to see “what God is blessing” and continue to do that. So, as we reach the mid-point of 2019, what can we see?

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Ascending Downward

Christ ascends into heaven in order to descend fully into this world, into the lives of his people.

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Put on Then

Caring for one another with compassion and kindness and patiently bearing with one another are “marks” of the Christian church and community.

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