Bethlehem Lutheran Church - Aloha, OR


Welcome to Bethlehem!

View of Bethlehem Lutheran Church and Preschool's main entrance from Johnson Street.

Bethlehem has been spreading the love of Christ in the Aloha / Beaverton / Hillsboro area since 1958!

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God’s Christmas Math

The Bethlehem Star shines above a manger in the foreground as three empty crosses stand bathed in sunlight in the background. Focusing on the true meaning of Christmas

And, when we see Jesus, we see our humanity made perfect. That little baby, is the only perfect, complete, and flawless human ever born into this world.

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Books and Readers in the Early Church

Biblical Scroll on wooden table with information on upcoming Bible class at Bethlehem Lutheran Church.

Starting January 6th, Dr. Michael Thomas of Concordia University, Portland will teach a class entitled Books and Readers in the Early Church: Forming the Biblical Canon.  It will run for 6 weeks through February 10th. In the course you will learn the answers to the following questions: 1) How were books…

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Bethlehem Preschool

A child holds up two hands after painting with many colors and smiling and the Bethlehem Lutheran Preschool logo.

Your child will never get bored while here at BLP! We have tons of activities and toys to keep them engaged and develop sensory skills, imagination, and learning to play with others and share. There is always an opportunity to get those wiggles out. Hands on exploration is essential to early childhood development, and they are always getting those opportunities through daily learning, projects, and free play.

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