Bethlehem Lutheran Church - Aloha, OR

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Click the links below to view a booklet Luther’s Prayer Booklet 90 Days of Prayer (Part One) Spiritual Renewal Handbook 25 Spiritual Exercises Stewardship Handbook 90 Days of Prayer (Part Two)

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Bethlehem Preschool Now Enrolling!

Register now to make sure your child has a spot in our wonderful preschool!

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Bethlehem Preschool

A child holds up two hands after painting with many colors and smiling and the Bethlehem Lutheran Preschool logo.

Your child will never get bored while here at BLP! We have tons of activities and toys to keep them engaged and develop sensory skills, imagination, and learning to play with others and share. There is always an opportunity to get those wiggles out. Hands on exploration is essential to early childhood development, and they are always getting those opportunities through daily learning, projects, and free play.

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Follow Us on Social Media!

Facebook: Instagram: When you post pictures of Bethlehem events on Instagram use the hashtag #blcfamilyaloha YouTube:

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Making Room

Despite the tradition of there being “no room in the inn”, Luke probably meant that there was no room in the guest room. So room had to be made in the lower room where the animals were kept. With Family Promise, we at Bethlehem can also “make room” for people in need.

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