Bethlehem Lutheran Church - Aloha, OR


The Desert of Temptation

The Lord Jesus fought and won this battle for you. His victory over the devil is your victory as well, for all that Christ accomplished has been reckoned to you as your very own.

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Love is Active

When you think about the writings of the Apostle Paul, what do you think of? Maybe what you think about when you think about Paul’s writings is what he wrote about love.

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God’s Christmas Math

The Bethlehem Star shines above a manger in the foreground as three empty crosses stand bathed in sunlight in the background. Focusing on the true meaning of Christmas

And, when we see Jesus, we see our humanity made perfect. That little baby, is the only perfect, complete, and flawless human ever born into this world.

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Making Room

At night, the door to a cabin is open with light shining out into the darkness.

Despite the tradition of there being “no room in the inn”, Luke probably meant that there was no room in the guest room. So room had to be made in the lower room where the animals were kept. With Family Promise, we at Bethlehem can also “make room” for people in need.

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Do I Even Matter?

We often forget that, for the vast majority of his life, Jesus was just another face in the crowd.

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